• Waiting Game R&D Day 2

    Posted on: April 17th, 2013 by Daryl Beeton


    photo 1


    On our second day of our R&D we worked with an amazing Photographer called Trupti!


    As well as being a fab photographer, Trupti also works with Kazzum’s  Brighter Futures group so has a great understanding of the issues and stories of young refugees.


    After the first day of working on narrative the 6 performers worked with Trupti looking for ways in which to represent their story, characters and experience of waiting through still images.


    This allowed us to express ourselves without the use of words, freeing up our thinking space which encouraged us to work outside of the box!

    Click on the links below to see what the performers created.


    Nadia and Hayley Photo story
    Miranda and Milly photo story
    Rosie and Dean photo story