• World Mental Health Day!

    Posted on: October 13th, 2015 by Kazzum

    On Saturday 10th October it was World Mental Health Day and in collaboration with Brighter Futures ‪we launched a Wellbeing Toolkit aimed at facilitators working with young migrants!


    The Brighter Futures group noticed that young migrants were experiencing complex mental health issues that were affecting many elements of their everyday lives, and even though they couldn’t cure them of their mental health issues, they wanted to help them find ways to better cope with the symptoms they were experiencing.


    In order to compliment the counselling and therapeutic work some of the young people were receiving, the group delivered a set of ‘skills for wellbeing’ workshops, and the kit is the result of their learning.


    The toolkit includes short activities and resources designed to combat everyday symptoms of poor mental health for young migrants. The toolkit is an online resource which has lots of activities that are short and self-standing, so that facilitators can pick and choose activities and build their own workshops around them.


    Check it out here