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    Posted on: June 28th, 2016 by Kazzum

    Here’s a little blog from our Artistic Director, Heidi, on our touring installation – HeadSpace


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    What would you say if I promised you that in two seconds flat I can take you to a tropical rainforest? Or, if you didn’t fancy that, put you on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans? Well, you might not believe me but that is just what our installation lets you do (along with a visit to a train station, a stint in a hamster’s cage and a view from a space rocket!).


    HeadSpace is all about the unexpected – the brown cardboard boxes that are suspended the roof our marquee seem anything but unusual. It’s when you pop your head inside that you’re delighted and enchanted by what you see. The installation provides an opportunity to experience the sights, sound and smells of a 360-degree miniature internal environment – allowing you to experience the world through someone else’s eyes, as if you were in someone else’s head for a moment in time.


    This installation was conceived in the same way that we like to begin and grow all of our projects – with children. A few years ago we were commissioned by Zinc Arts to work on a new project. We carted a pile of cardboard boxes into a local school in an Essex school and got the children to start to imagine new worlds in these boxes; what would it be like to be a hamster in a cage or an astronaut jetting into space? What would you see, feel, hear and smell? What would you see, feel, hear and smell? What we came up with was an idea for an installation that played with the notion of where we can go within our very own head space, as well as other people’s. The concept was brought to life by one of our wonderful Associate Artists, Jon Van Beek, who created these magical hanging microcosms (complete with the smell of popcorn at a fun fair and a whiff of booze at the pop concert!).


    What’s particularly special about this piece is that anyone can enjoy and delight in it; it’s accessible to everyone, including those who don’t speak English and people with physical or learning disabilities. Very young children love it just as much as ‘grown-ups’ do!


    Kazzum is a small arts company with a big reach, we have a tiny team but work with dozens of artists from London and beyond to make playful theatre in unusual places. We’re absolutely honoured to be a part of various festivals this year and excited to be able to share our ‘HeadSpaces’ with everyone who we meet. We can’t wait to see all of the other talented performers and shows over the the summer too. See you there!


    Find out more about HeadSpace and where you can visit it here.

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