• Dancer and choreographer Dan Martin gives us an insight into ‘Sprung’ life

    Posted on: September 1st, 2016 by Kazzum

    What a pleasurable and beautiful journey Sprung has been so far. From the R&D to now, it’s been a very transforming experience for all involved.


    The thing that makes Sprung stand out is that it is blatantly obvious that for every moment in the show, we have thought deeply about our audience. This simple idea of being very aware of what your audience needs when creating can sometimes be forgotten. With Sprung, nevertheless, that’s the very thing that makes the piece so exciting and engaging.


    ‘Audience first’ is a beautiful concept that I will now keep with me as a performer throughout my entire career. It’s embedded in the way that I now work, because the precious moments I have managed to share with the audience are things I will never forget.


    Because of the uniqueness and talents of the performers, every show is completely different. Dan Edge (dancer) & Raph (musician) are able to improvise brilliantly, bringing a freshness to the show each time it is performed. This has led us, as a team, to engage positively with very young children, with groups of adults walking by and every age in between.


    Here are a few treasured moments for me so far:


    • The team managed to grab the attention of a few young men, who on the outset could be perceived as quite intimidating, by including them in the playfulness of the piece. We offered them lovely tutus! We took the energy of the work and broke out of the piece at certain moments to create ‘cool’ handshakes with them.
    • A great moment is when the tutus have been revealed. The audience always love the offer of the tutu (which they can wear themselves) particularly when groups of boys are egging on other people in their group to put it on! Many have stepped up to don the tutu! A unique and gorgeous memory for everyone!
    • A young lady who had formerly done ballet came to four out of the seven shows we were doing, in an attempt to put the tutu on and show us up with her fantastic ballet skills…! Her mum mentioned she was nervous, but on the fourth show, we managed to do a lovely Pas De Deux with lifts and she even did a solo! It was obviously a magical moment for her.
    • Towards the end of the show, and because we have managed to create a beautiful rapport with the audience, the offer for them to jump up and dance with me is lapped up every time. This gets the audience up on their feet and boogying on down while Raph lets himself loose on the trombone..! This is always a brilliant moment for all.
    • Towards the end of the show, I ask the audience where the other two went. Sometimes I get the right direction, and sometimes not..! So there have been shows where I’ve found myself running across fields in the wrong direction, and even jumping over hedges that would make for a good qualifying high jump score… At this particular moment, the audience really enjoys the ‘power’ of where to send me, which always gets a  very beautiful reaction.



    Being part of Sprung has made my year. It’s changed the way I look at theatre, and I’m very proud that my name will be down as a performer for this particular piece.


    Delivering a piece of high quality theatre that has the intention to bring joy and fun to an unsuspecting audience is a beautiful, selfless concept. It always excites me to know I have left the audience with memories with how powerful performance can be, especially when we think of the most important people first.


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