• "Kazzum - Outdoor work for young people has never been so good!" Jenny Sealey
  • "Kazzum embrace the diversity agenda head-on, without apology." Chris Elwell
  • "Kazzum's creativity means young people are always engaged" Alex Sutton
  • about Kazzum


    Kazzum makes playful work in unusual places.  We are the only professional theatre company and charity in the UK purely focusing on outdoor and site-specific work for children and young people.


    We’re about the theatrical experience – which we believe works as well in a festival field as on a traditional stage. In a shopping centre as well as in a car park. Our shows can happen anywhere, so we can take them to people who have few other occasions to encounter the arts in hospitals, schools, parks and more!


    We don’t do traditional shows or have audiences sitting in rows in a theatre. We have them moving around, getting involved and being part of the action. We create all our shows from scratch, working with the best professionals.


    Our offer is always fresh, playful and unexpected, bringing children and young people to new ways of understanding and exploring the world around them. We want our theatre to be as dynamic as the world in which young people live.


    Our vision is that every young person has the opportunity to reach their creative potential and we work hard to remove barriers (physical, social or financial) that prevents young people’s creative engagement.


    Our work is inclusive and accessible to the widest possible audience, especially those who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to experience the arts, this is reflected within the diversity of the company.


    Our work includes:


    – Family shows which tour to festivals and public spaces

    – Immersive theatre, that evolves from talking to young people themselves, listening to their concerns and bringing their creative ideas into the mix

    – Digital work, creating innovative new approaches to engaging teenagers

    – Developing talent, of young people, communities as well as emerging and established artists


    We’re always on the look out for new partners and opportunities, so get in touch, follow our tweets or sign up to our newsletter.


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    Kazzum Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6HG
    Registered in England and Wales number 2447000, Registered Charity Number 802941

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