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Creative Team

Director: Daryl Beeton

Designer: Sofie Layton

Composer: Anna Madeleine

Assistant Director: Nicola Miles-Wildin

Assistant Designer: Jonathan Van Beek


Performers and Crew

Presented by 6 performers.

Supported by 2 stage managers and additional crew when required


Access Information

Kazzum work with Disabled and non-disabled performers, therefore there may be additional access requirements, which will be discussed at point of booking.


Staging & Technical Requirements

Performance space of 10m X 14m.
Set consists of 3 oversized packages each approx. 2 meter cubed.
PA sound system required.
Electricity supply required.
Additional stewarding may be required between shows to monitor set.


Duration, Get in and Get out

Each performance is 30 minutes in duration (but the set is a visual landmark at other times).

The company can present up to three shows a day.
Set up time min. 4 hours &  Get-out time min. 3 hours (site dependant).


Transportation (within UK)

The set is transported in a Luton Van.


Marketing and promotion

We can provide you with a Marketing and PR pack, which includes a press release and general information about the show and company and ideas for ‘who and how’ we find this show appeals.


Optional extras

We can also offer fun paper folding workshops between performances.



on request



Please contact Emily Campbell on 020 7749 1122 or drop her an email


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