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Addressed to a Friend


Giant packages unfold to reveal insights into other people’s worlds.



In a field, shopping centre or open space, sit an extraordinary assortment of undelivered packages, all mysteriously addressed to “a friend”. Among them, three enormous boxes flap, twitch and give out a most peculiar sound!


Three uptight security guards have cordoned off the area and sternly patrol it, enlisting the audience’s help to figure out what these packages can be. Where on earth did they come from?


This interactive show is full of wonder as the audience joins a playful, exploratory journey, discovering homes, caves and underwater worlds; travelling along country lanes and across oceans, as the packages unfold to create a series of pop up landscapes.


Submerged in a quirky world of lost packages and awkward new friendships, the audience must work with the apprehensive guards to help them understand there is more that unites them than divides. Through the shared experience of unpacking the stories hidden inside the packages, the guards rediscover what it means to play.


This show is for a family audience of up to 500 people. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack and performed by an inclusive and diverse cast of 6 performers.


Watch the Addressed to a Friend trailer here


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