call the shots


Ever wanted to call the shots and work with others to create a 1 day family outdoor arts festival!


Then you in luck, here at Kazzum that’s exactly what we want to do! This summer Kazzum are putting on an interactive family arts festival in Tower hamlets, but we need your help, to well, create it and run it! We are handcuffing our Directors hands and giving YOU the power to take over the project.


Be inspired, be brave and take on a role you had never imagined doing before by working with professionals in Artistic Programming, Marketing, Events management or performing!


You need to be between 16 -25 and happy to meet up once a week for a few hours in June and July 2015.


To find out more have a read of the Call The Shots Info Pack then pop your name and email address in the box below and hit that ‘Go for it!’ button and we’ll be in touch!





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