Create your own scene for Waiting Game


Write Your Own Scenes for Waiting Game


Task #1 – Write Your Own Version of Waiting Game’s ‘Unheard Scene’


In Waiting Game there is a scene that happens outside the window once Mr Swan has taken Aunty outside.  Before they go outside, Aunty puts up a fight and refuses to leave the house.  But when they return through the window, Aunty has changed her mind about leaving.


Here is a little reminder of the scene filmed during rehearsals



– What do you think occurred during the ‘Unheard Scene’?
– What happened outside between Mr Swan and Aunty that made her change her mind about leaving?


Create your own version of ‘The Unheard Scene’ showing what you think happened during this conversation.


You can write out your scene like a short story or the dialogue of a play script.  You can also film your scene and post the video to share on YouTube.


Send us your ‘Unheard Scenes’ and we’ll include selected submissions here on our website.


We have filmed the ‘Unheard Scene’ and will include it here after the final performance of Waiting Game.  Watch this space to find out if your ‘Unheard Scene’ was the same as ours.



Task #2 – Write a New Scene for Waiting Game


We’d like you to create a brand new scene for Waiting Game.  This new scene can take place before, during or after the current story.


What information, themes or characters would you have liked to see more of?  How might you add a scene that would incorporate them into the play without changing the overall style, thematic content or lead characters of the play?


When writing your scene, consider the following questions:


– Where would you place this scene in the performance?

– Which actors would be involved?
– What would the audience experience of this scene be?  How can you use the immersive environment to add to the overall storytelling and effectiveness of the scene?
– Do you need to consider any special design requirements – lighting, sound, and props?  Where in the building would this scene take place?
– How might this scene add to or highlight the important themes of Waiting Game?


You may choose to write your scene as a brief synopsis, a play text dialogue or even a storyboard that displays the sequence of events in your new scene.


Try to to draw out the events of the scene by hand or you can find a free, online storyboard creator from Storyboard That


Send us your new scenes for Waiting Game and we’ll include selected submissions here on our website.

Click here to download the activity as a PDF


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