What was the Inspiration for the show?



This is Daryl Beeton, he is the Artistic Director of Kazzum. Daryl was also the Director and the Writer of Waiting Game.


Here he talks about how he makes immersive theatre, and what inspired him to create Waiting Game.


The main inspiration for the show is the work we do with Young Refugees through our Pathways Programme. Waiting Game has been especially inspired by our work with Brighter Futures London and their Cost of Waiting campaign.


A new report, Detained: women asylum seekers locked up in the UK, was published on 29 January 2014. It contains new qualitative research on the experiences of women who have been detained in the UK, as well as  previously unpublished Home Office statistics on numbers of women detained and the outcomes of detention.


Oxford House and the surrounding area also had an impact of the creation of the show. Have a read of the history of the building and see if you can spot any influences.


Once you have watched Daryl’s interview why not answer some of the questions below.


Click Here for a Transcript of the Interview


Some questions for you:


  -Which Drama techniques did you spot during the performance?


 – What inspires you in theatre?


 – Did you enjoy going on the journey?


To find out more about the issues raised in the show read our Top 5 Facts about Asylum Seekers in the UK


Top Five Facts About Young Refugee and Asylum Seekers in the UK – WG



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