What was the Process for creating the show


So, what happened during the process of creating Waiting Game? How long did it take to plan, and what were the key milestones?


At Kazzum creating a show takes time, we like our ideas to develop and grow over time. This is affected by the creative team expanding, finding the right location and defining the story and the experiences we want to share.


Here is a summary of the key moments that all led up to the show you just took part in!


January – February 2013


The Director begins to refine the story of the show and approaches members of the creative team to become involved.


– Sofie Layton joins as Designer

– Jon Van Beek joins as Associate Designer

– Nicola Miles-Wildin joins as Associate Director


Kazzum begin to apply to a variety of funders to raise money for the show


Also during January 2013, the hunt for a location to present Waiting Game begins! (This becomes a running theme!)


March 2013


The Director brings together 6 performers and the creative team to explore narrative, characters and different ways to immerse the audience for a week of Research and Development. Click HERE for to see the week in more detail


We worked with young people from Refugee Youth Project to explore their understanding of waiting through films. You can see their finished films HERE.


The hunt for a location continued!


April – May 2013


Carrisa Lynch joins the team as Dramaturge


The Design team begin to explore ideas


Brighter Futures London begin to research the effects of waiting on young refugees


The Hunt for a location still continues!


June – July 2013


Brighter Futures London create their Cost of Waiting Report which has great impact on the show


The Hunt for a location still continues!


August – September 2013


Sophie Poslethwaite joins as Production Manager


Jon McLeod joins as Sound Artist

(This makes production meetings interesting as we have 2 Jon’s and 2 Sophie’s!)


Finally a location is found! (and it had been under our noses the whole time!) Oxford House!


October – November 2013


Kazzum work with young migrants from the Red Cross to explore themes connected to the show and to create the ‘If I Were a Building…’ exhibition in the gallery space at Oxford House


Several Production meetings take place via Google HangOut due to creative and production team working at different locations around the world


Casting for actors takes place, as well as interviews for Stage Managers


A week of rehearsals takes place with the main cast and creative team at Oxford House


December 2013


Designs are finalised, Sound is confirmed, Production is in full swing and Kazzum’s office begins to look like a warehouse


Design volunteers, Production volunteers and Support cast are all confirmed


Licenses and permission are granted from the council to allow us to perform in the park


January 2014


The whole team have two weeks to rehearse and transform Oxford House!


The exhibition of work by young people from the Red Cross is installed


And Finally the missing piece of the show finally arrives… Our Audiences!


NEXT –   What happened during Rehearsals?


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