How to write a review for an immersive theatre show


What did you think of Waiting Game?


This activity will require you to write a theatre review critically reflecting on your experience of The Waiting Game.


What is a theatre review?

A theatre review is a description, critical analysis and evaluation of the quality, meaning and significance of a performance.


It is more than a summary of events – a theatre review should include an account of what the company has tried to do with the production and (in the option of the reviewer) if they have succeeded, using specific examples as evidence to support this conclusion.


How do you write a review of an immersive theatre production?

There is no one way to write a theatre review.  They are always highly personal and reflect the opinions and feelings of the reviewer.


However, the review can become even more personal when the reviewer is writing about an immersive theatre production.  This is because they may have had individual experiences and interactions with the performance and the performers that are not shared by the entire audience.


When writing a review of an immersive theatre production, it is helpful to embrace this experience and highlight both your individual journey through the production as well as the shared audience experience.


To help we have created a Step by Step guide to writing a review for an immersive theatre show

Click here to download the guide


Once you’ve written a review about Waiting Game why not send us it in?

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