Scene Breakdown


We’ve put together 4 key moments of Waiting Game for you to discuss with your friends or in your class. As a reminder here are a few extracts from rehearsals, watch the clips and answer the questions below:



1. How did this make you feel when Sen and Mr White argued?
2. Was Mr White being professional?
3. Did you think Mr White is a good man?
4. Write a letter of complaint to the theatre, expressing how Mr White made you feel and what should be changed.



1. What was Auntie and Sen’s relationship like?
2. What did everybody do when they participates in the show(pupils)? How did it feel?
3. At what point did you notice the mood changed? Why did Mr.Swan have to evict Auntie and Sen?
4. Imaging you are in the performance space and you have to suddenly leave. You can only take 5 items with you. What would you take and why?



1. How did you feel about the character of Jackie/ what was the purpose of her role?
2. What do you understand about ‘seeking Asylum’ and ‘Refugee status’?
3. How helpful was Jackie’s advice to Sen? what kind of relationship did they have?
4. Write Sen an inspirational poem/haiku to help Sen feel positive about herself?



1. What did Sen mean when she said “people like you”. How was Sen feeling?
2. How could Drew have been more supportive?
3. What did the detention centre remind you off?
4. Can you think of different places where you’ve queued for a very long time? Could you create a scene or draw a floor plan of a place where you’ve waited for a very long time?

Click Here for a Transcript

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