Previous Pathways Projects


2013 – If I…

Was an installation in the gallery at Oxford House which was created by artists Sofie Layton and Jon Van Beek, working in partnership with young people from the Red Cross Refugee and Befriender Groups in Lewisham and Hammersmith. Jon and Sofie led a series of workshops, in which the young people explored the theme of home and identity through drama, visual arts, and creative writing.


2013 – The Cost of Waiting

Kazzum worked with Brighter Futures’ on their campaign, called ‘The Cost of Waiting’, which raised awareness on the implications that living in limbo has on the lives and aspirations of young asylum seekers in the UK. Brighter Futures members undertook  participatory research on the impact that waiting has on young people lives. In July the group launch the campaign and the associated report. You can down load and read it here


2013 What Are You Waiting For?

Kazzum worked with two groups of young people from Refugee Youth Project to create 2 short film around the theme of ‘Waiting’. You can watch the films below!



2012/13 Beyond The Streets

Kazzum worked with a group of young people from The Children’s Society to create a short film to support their research into the effects of street crime on young migrants.


2012 – The Brighter Futures Award

Kazzum worked with Brighter Futures’ to create The Brighter Futures Award to celebrate and promote good practise amongst social workers and key workers.

The young people’s experiences of support workers had been varied, and they tried to understand why this was: from the varying knowledge of the asylum process by some key workers to the differences in how teams operate geographically.


So in order to improve best practice The Brighter Futures Award was born. Watch the Brighter Futures Award film’s here for more information about the Award


2011 The Creative Writing Workshops

A programme exploring the process of developing a play or a story from an initial idea into a finished piece.


2011 – Flowers That Grow From Concrete

For a year, a group of young asylum seekers and refugees – people forced to leave home and seek refuge in the UK – worked together to uncover their trials, journeys and aspirations for the future despite their daily struggles. It all culminated in an exhibition and book of poetry that packed a punch.


The Flowers that grow from concrete – views of young asylum seekers and refugees living in London exhibition attracted Members of Parliament, policy-makers, the media, employers and service providers to its opening.  It achieved its aim: to give these young people a voice and to let them participate in issues that affect their lives through graphic, clear and powerful messages, about issues of which most attendees were previously unaware.


You can watch the Flower That Grow From Concrete film here


2010 Manga Arts Workshops

An opportunity to develop creative skills in story-telling and drawing through Manga.


2009/10 Young Voices

Young Voices was an innovative project delivered in partnership by Praxis Community Projects, Kazzum and Queen Mary University of London, to develop leadership among young people from new and displaced communities.


2007/08 Telling Tales

A programme of photography and audio sound track workshops combined to create an installation.


2007 Networking Event – Meet Arts Organisations

A sign posting event for community group leaders to meet other arts organisations that offer creative arts projects.


2006/07 Words Within

A programme of creative writing workshops. The Poems created by young people were displayed in local community venues and arts centres.


2006 Shadowlands

Workshops in shadow puppet-making skills and manipulation. Each group was left a ‘Shadow Puppet Screen and Kit’ to help develop their new skills.


2005 Half Moon Collaboration

A programme of workshops exploring identity in an urban environment through photography.


2004/05 Creative Workshops

A programme of storytelling workshops, using shadow puppetry based on traditional tales.


2003 Bookmaking Workshops

A programme of paper-making, book-binding and creative writing.


2002 Creative Arts Workshops

A rolling programme of workshops creating plays using puppetry, circus skills and music.

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