These interactive sculptures created in 2017 are the result of an ongoing collaboration with over 150 young Refugees and Asylum Seekers from across London, who took part in workshops which explored drawing, printmaking, creative writing and drama.  As the workshops unfolded, the young people discussed and explored their aspirations and experiences together; making friends, sharing advice and celebrating their own and each other’s achievements.


The resulting 12 characters on the sides of these cubes reflect different aspects of our participant’s emotions and identities – as the cubes turn we see the things we share in common and the differences between us – we are given advice on life, love and everything in between.  Some voices on the cubes might make you think, others might make you laugh but hopefully they communicate the experiences of young refugees and asylum seekers in London today.


The cubes will be on show throughout 2017 and beyond, popping up at different spaces and events. To book Turning Points at your venue or event please contact We hope that you find them as playful and thoughtful as the workshops which lead to their creation. 

With over 25 years of experience working in London and across the UK, Kazzum have remained committed to their Pathways project which worked with over 5000 young Refugees, Asylum Seekers and migrants. We have made films, performances, created events and exhibitions all of which share the experience of migration as seen through the eyes of young people in the UK.


We would like to thank all the young people whose dedication and talent made this project possible from Shpresa, Caras, Young Roots, Brighter Futures and the Refugee Councils girls group.


Thanks to artists: Alex Evans, Arji Manuelpillai, Amanda Mascarenhas, Andrea Pazos.


Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, The Wakefield & Tetley Trust and Aston Mansfield.

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