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The Girl Who…
  • "The Girl Who… was a lot more effective than just going to see a play at a theatre.”
  • "Kazzum use theatre as tool of communication"
  • “It was a nice change – with The Girl Who… you were really immersed into it"

    Ground-breaking work for unusual spaces


    We’re about the theatrical experience – which we believe works as well in a festival field as on a traditional stage. In a classroom as in a car park.


    A key area of our work, and one for which we have become recognized artistically, is our work for unusual spaces.


    Presenting immersive, site-specific theatre and community events, and we invite our audiences on a journey to experience these extraordinary creations. Often presented as promenade performances these stories embedded with the voices of young people who are central to our creative process.


    A new show is in development for November 2017 at Shoreditch Town Hall.


    The Boy,The Bees and The Blizzard


    Get ready to take part in an exciting quest into the secret portal of Shoreditch Town Hall.


    Here you will put on your headphones and meet various characters including a teary cook, flustered             secretaries, a giddy gardener, and a disheartened DJ.


    They are all preparing for a party honouring their new mean spirited mysterious leader and need your help.


    If you don’t come up with the goods we will all be in trouble!


    The boy, the bees and the blizzard explores a border between two worlds, where audiences will participate in problem solving and through their personal migration and displacement.


    This 45 minute adventure will engage children aged 6 + and their families through a mysterious, light, and playful mission that they will never forget!


    Funded by Back Stage Trust, The John Lewis Foundation, The Ironmongers’ Company, Cockayne – Grants for the Arts and the London Community Foundation.

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