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Ours is drama that explores and questions social barriers – physical, cultural or attitudinal. To increase accessibility of the ideas we minimise the use of text and focus on the common language of human and social behaviour.



We don’t just put on shows and theatrical experiences for ourselves, though: we also put our methods, our creativity, our experience and our playful approach to our work at the disposal of many others.



Since our founding in 1989 we’ve collaborated with schools, refugee groups, universities, conference organisers and special interest and support groups, as well as other theatre companies and venues, to:



push the boundaries of youth theatre

explore questions of excellence

bring issues of access into open discussion

nurture artistic inspiration and skills in young people

share creative know-how

develop work for specific audiences such as young people in hospitals



Here at Kazzum we’re passionate believers that theatre for children and young people should have equality with mainstream theatre. So we work with artists outside the children’s arts sector and with the best technicians and performers. We hope to pass these practices on through the sharing of skills with other practitioners, emerging and established, in a continuous dialogue.



If you want to tap into our ideas and expertise to help you deliver your own objectives for young people, get in touch with (Daryl?) – tel and email.



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