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  • The Light Show

    Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by Daryl Beeton

    Light Show

    Back in April I went along to The Light Show at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank. I went with 2 members of Kazzum’s Board who form my ‘Arts Sub-Committee.  It’s an opportunity to just focus on the ‘art’ rather than the money side of what we do.


    So what did we think? Well there were lots of different types of Light Installations from a variety of different artists. I was amazed how some completely effect my mood and emotions just by being immersed in the light… yet others were not so inspiring.


    Highlights were David Batchelor’s Magic Hour, it reminded us of being back stage and as an ‘audience’ we don’t normally get to see the mechanics of Theatre.


    Anthony McCall’s You and I Horizontal kept us all in the room for ages, smoke filled and lasers what more could you ask for. I was able to show off a little and talk about how I had seen the work previously in Melbourne, Australia!


    Jim Campbell’s Commuters was awesome, too complicated to explain, but lots of tiny individual lights that created fascinating moving images!


    The final one worth a mention was Conrad Shawcross’s Slow Arc Inside a Cube so simple but the play of light and shadow creating moving patterns around the space made you feel drunk, ill or just like you were gonna fall over any minute!