• Kazzum & Zinc Arts

    Posted on: July 12th, 2013 by Daryl Beeton

    Kazzum is an associate company of Zinc Arts as part of Enhance, a new programme that Zinc Arts is running to support the work of Disabled and Deaf artists and companies, as part of the Paralympics legacy. This work is generously supported through funding from Arts Council England, Essex County Council, ROH Bridge and the European Regional Development Fund.

    We have been working with Zinc and Shelley Primary school to develop an idea for a new installation based show called HeadSpace where family audiences will experience the world through another person’s eyes, as if they were in someone else’s head for a moment in time. They would experience the sights, sounds and smells of this new world, which may be based in reality or in fantasy.

    We will create a  series of different sized and shaped ‘helmets’ where the audience will have the opportunity to place their head inside and experience the sensory world within. From inside the audience will have a 360 degree view of the miniature internal environment and be submerged in the sounds and smells of this bizarre and quirky new world. It could be a steam filled Victorian train station, the view from the football pitch of a packed stadium or find yourself in someone else living room.

    HeadSpace aims to enhance the audience’s senses within the worlds of the ‘helmets’ so when they come out they are more aware of their surroundings within the real world around them.

    Between 15th – 19th July Kazzum will spend a week working and living out at Zinc and undertaking research and development on this new show… so keep tuned to find out more!