• Make in Micro

    Posted on: September 2nd, 2014 by Daryl Beeton


    My name is James and I’m the Digital Engagement intern here at Kazzum. We plan to create a show called ReTold using the inspiration we get from young people’s involvement in this, our new project. The show will have an audience of 60, who will stream the show to 10 people of their choice. For that to happen, we need you to take action and become part of this!
    We made a video that shows how you can get involved. Now we’re not claiming to be PewDiePie, but we’d love it if everybody who reads this could give it a watch – even a like and share if my boss Daryl makes you feel like giving. We’re a non-profit charity, so think of it as a creative donation…


    So what do you do?


    Forty years’ worth of time are spent on Facebook each month, globally. 39 of those are probably by you specifically, reading this, so get off of Facebook, onto other social media, and take part on our online ReTold – Creative Challenge. In all seriousness, we are using three social media platforms to encourage you to be creative.


    We need you on Pheed

    Firstly Pheed! At Kazzum, three themes we all experienced at one point or another during our teenage years were escape, rejection, and fitting in. Using Pheed we want you to make a 6 second film that demonstrates what any or all of those themes mean to you!
    So what do you need to do? Well I made a six-second video about escape. Having finished it, I tagged it (as should you) with #escape, #kazzumarts, @kazzumarts, and gave it a title. It can be found here…. Seriously though, it can actually be found here.

    So create your Pheeds about #Escape #FittingIn or #Rejection and share with us @kazzumArts


    Or try Instagram


    We also decided to use Instagram to offer a still photography alternative for those people who don’t see themselves as the next Steven Spielberg. We want you to try to present any of the three themes mentioned earlier with a photo, and then use Instagram’s filters and effects, before uploading it with #Escape, #FittingIn or #Rejection, again mentioning us @kazzumarts so we can see what you are creating, and share it ourselves! I enjoyed Instagram more than Pheed, and you can check out the photos I did here.


    Yappie you say!?’ Well…

    Probably my favourite section when I decided to try out this part of the project myself was using Yappie. This appealed more to me specifically, as I feel more at home working with sounds than images. I tried singing, but something must have gone wrong as my voice didn’t sound professional, like it normally does. Instead I read a poem. Anyway, you have creative freedom to do what you want, and we just want to listen to what you come up with! Remember to use #Escape, #FittingIn or #Rejection, again mentioning us @kazzumarts


    We need YOU!


    So take up our ReTold – Creative Challenge and by mentioning us, we’ll be able to spot and take all of the work you do, and gather it on our Tumblr so that you’ll be featured in an online exhibition.
    Remember the three themes you should focus on are #Escape, #Fittingin and #Rejection, and don’t forget to send it to us @kazzumarts. We are truly excited to see what you come up with, so please, get involved! By doing so, you’ll have a chance to be in the audience for ReTold!