• Cut & Paste – Digital Storytelling

    Posted on: November 24th, 2014 by Daryl Beeton


    Kazzum will be delivering digital story telling workshops for young people aged 14 + during January- February 2015 and the programme will consist of 2 sessions.


    Session 1

    will demonstrate what Digital story telling is and how it’s can be a great tool for communication.


    Session 2

    will enable the young people to create their own digital stories using a library of pre-recorded, sound, video and images. Once these stories have been created they’ll be placed on a dedicated You Tube channel so they can be shared with other young people from other groups.
    The session will last 1.5 hours and take place at your location (Maximum group size 20)


    If you are interested in your group or students taking part please contact Lauren@kazzum.org


    Kazzum’s latest theatre project #ReTold explores a fusion of theatre, storytelling, visual arts and digital technology to create a brand new piece of exciting theatre for teenage audiences in March 2015. Kazzum are well known for our site-specific, socially engaged, witty and often challenging work and we are pushing the boundaries once again of what is possible with audiences and accessible, interactive and digital theatre.

    As usual Kazzum embeds the ideas and thoughts of young people within the creation of our shows. The development of #ReTold has provided opportunities for young people to influence the creative process with our Make in Micro project, which used every day apps in new and creative ways and our work with students from Stanmore College  to create a library of images, short video and audio clips that demonstrated the story of our central character Sen, a young refugee living in London.



    This amazing digital library will now be used in our next project Cut & Paste – Digital storytelling which will work with a school and community groups to create their own versions of the Sen’s story inspired by the short video introduction of Sen. Once these new versions of Sen’s story have been created the participants will upload their new versions to a dedicated You Tube channel so other participants can view and comment.


    We will also be creating an online lessons (which will go online in January 2015), so if you want to take part as an individual then you’ll be able to, just email ReTold@kazzum.org and we’ll keep you updated and let you know when the project goes live!


    You can follow the development of the project on our digital blog HERE