• A 25th birthday to remember – let’s hope for 25 more!

    Posted on: December 9th, 2014 by Daryl Beeton

    Kazzum recently celebrated our 25th birthday with an incredible party!


    Hosted at the Ecology Pavilion in Mile End, it began with a blast from the past, as Nickie Wildin brought a group of Chisenhale Primary School students together to perform Paper People as a surprise for Daryl, Emily and Lauren.


    Paper People


    It was a hilarious performance, and the young actors were hugely endearing – there was even some supreme ad libbing during the inevitable technical problems that occurred when a balloon got stuck in the stall!


    Birthday Cake!


    People were then given the option to sample the collaborative efforts of Jo and Lynne, who did a magnificent job providing all of the food and drink along with organizing many of the finer points.


    Isabella should also get a mention for the wonderful interactive timeline she put together for people to educate themselves on the life of Kazzum. We encourage you to watch all of these videos!




    The traditional speeches were done by Peter Glenville (the FOUNDER of Kazzum), Daryl Beeton, and Jack Ferro. You can rest assured that all of them were hugely interesting, but rather than transcribe them verbatim, we’ll have a go at paraphrasing so that this doesn’t get too long!


    Peter gave a wonderful and inspiring speech, where he described the conception of Kazzum, in a pub, asking his friends for help and/or investment, which sounds hilarious (if not eerily familiar…) now!



    Daryl’s speech was equally as powerful, as he thanked all of the people who have been involved with Kazzum during his 9 year stint.


    Finally Jack rounded off the trio of speeches with an encouraging pep-talk about moving forward as a charitable company with real integrity, working in real situations.




    With the speeches out of the way, words quickly began to slur as the night approached its conclusion! In all seriousness, guests were treated to a wonderful band performance from pupils of Morpeth School, who showed real confidence and played with aplomb.