• Retold: Get involved with Cut & Paste!

    Posted on: January 27th, 2015 by Daryl Beeton

    Sen, S-E-N.

    With the help of Southborough High School, Young Roots, The British Red Cross and Stanmore College we have worked to create a library of material to try to give a sense of the identity of Sen – the central character in ReTold. That stage was called Make in Micro. Now we have moved on to our second stage – Cut & Paste!

    We Need You On WeVideo!

    We need you to get on to WeVideo to create your own film about Sen.
    Sen is a refugee, and to get a sense of what we feel Sen’s story is, you should watch this video:


    In Cut & Paste, we want you to tell Sen’s Story the way you think it should be told.

    It’s really easy, too! We have a video, starring none other than our Associate Director, Daryl Beeton! He will talk you through exactly how to do it, and how easy it is. So go ahead, click play!

    For login details to begin creating your version of Sen’s Story, email Retold@kazzum.org! Please do get involved!
    Feel free to check out the written instructions here!