• Call The Shots!

    Posted on: April 18th, 2015 by Daryl Beeton

    call the shots


    Call The Shots is offering young people aged 16-25 to build a family arts festival. Throughout June and July Kazzum will be offering professional training and workshops in order for young people to learn and develop the skills needed to create their own family festival. The training will be split into four main categories: Performing, Marketing & Fundraising, Events management and Programming.


    Call The Shots is a new project which will bring together different communities in Tower Hamlets to develop a community created festival which will increase people’s engagement and ownership of the arts. Benefits include increasing community cohesion by creating a social space that enables people who have not met before to interact, share stories and build a sense of achievement. The training will provide young people with necessary work and life skills which will improve chances of employability.


    The training program will be split into four key strands:


    – Events Management

    – Marketing

    – Artistic Programming

    – Performing


    By Taking part in the Call The Shots training programme participants will gain skills in:


    – Taking on responsibility

    – Debating and decision making

    – Thinking creatively

    – Public speaking

    – Budgeting and Research

    – Evaluating their own and others work

    – Professional approach to colleagues

    – Project management


    The project will be at no cost for the young people involved, but in return we require young people to commit to attending all sessions.

    To find out a little more about what the training programmes will involve Download Call The Shots Info Pack


    If your organisation is interested in taking part please contact Melissa at: outreach@kazzum.org

    Or call 020 7749 1123 to discuss the project further.