• Bedknobs and Bedpans

    Posted on: January 29th, 2016 by Kazzum


    Kazzum works hard to reach young people who have limited access to high quality Arts.


    This week Heidi and Alex have been working alongside young people on the Acorn Ward of Whipps Cross Hospital on our project Bedknobs and Bedpans. Supported by Children in Need, the team worked to develop a new small and flexible show, and visual instillation.


    Taking inspiration from staff and patients, with the ability to be presented both at the bedside or different locations around the hospital the piece put the young people at the heart of the story and was performed to new arrivals, supported long term patients and parents settling into the ward.


    Our visual instillation, composed and crafted with the young people, became a talking point for parents and carers, children and staff; allowing creative conversation to flourish and a positive atmosphere to filter down into the ward.


    We hope to return to Acorn Ward alter in the year to work with young people who will be using the hospital over the festive season.