HeadSpace main frame August 2016




Come and put your head in a box!


HeadSpace invites family audiences to place their heads inside what at first appear to be very ordinary cardboard boxes…but these boxes are far from ordinary!


Immersed within 360 degree sensory environments  audiences will experience being in someone else’s head for a moment in time: it could be on stage at a rock concert with screaming fans, exploring in a deep tropical rainforest at night, or the fly on a wall in someone else’s living room.


The  sights, sounds and smells of these bizarre worlds aim to enhance the audience’s senses, but don’t take our world for it come and put your head in a box.


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Please contact Lauren Irving on 020 7749 1123 or drop her an email


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HeadSpace was commissioned by Zinc Arts. Kazzum is an associate company of Zinc Arts as part of Enhance, a new programme that Zinc Arts is running to support the work of Disabled and Deaf artists and companies, as part of the Paralympics legacy.

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