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When there’s no where else to run… fight or flight?


HUNT is a specially-commissioned play for young people exploring one person’s experience of violent war and conflict.


Leila wants to be famous, Tony spends all his time playing computer games and Nicolas gets picked on. Three so-called friends reluctantly embark on a journey. The further they travel the less they like each other and the more they argue. Each wants to go their own way as the route throws up unexpected challenges.


As circumstances change from playful to dangerous all choice is taken away from the trio. They are forced to face individual fears and ignorance when they meet Monika, a girl hiding in the shadows, with a past far different from theirs. This encounter tests the group and challenges their friendship.


With Monika’s need to survive, Leila, Tony and Nicolas find they must work together and take risks to find a way forward that will re-define their view of themselves and others.


HUNT is a site-specific, promenade style performance that responds to the character and uniqueness of the venue it’s presented in, providing a sense of the unexpected and evoking an energetic and emotive response from audiences.


First presented in 2008 at the historic and beautiful Wilton’s Music Hall in London. The HUNT script is now being used as inspiration for our 2015 project ReTold


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