ReTold 1

ReTold – A Digital Trilogy


You can watch a recording of our first ever live stream HERE


During 2014-15 we undertook Research and Development with young people around the use of digital technology and using everyday apps to respond the the story of Sen, a young refugee living in the UK.


Make In Mirco

This was our first project using Instagram, Pheed and Yappie to respond to themes in the characters life through images, short film and sound. We worked with a wide range of young people and got them to share their ideas creatively.



Cut & Paste

We then took these ideas and worked with 2 professional performers and  a group of young people from Stanmore College to  create a library of original short film, images and sounds that other young people could use to create digital storytelling films of Sen’s life and share them on-line.


#ReTold – Live and Online

Finally we went back and worked  with the professional performers and the young people from Stanmore College to create a short live performance inspired by the previous work and streamed it live from the view point of the characters, with the performers streaming what they saw. The  performers interacted with a remote audience from Southbourgh Boys High School in a different location who then chose what the central character did at points within the show.


You can follow the development of the project on our digital blog HERE

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