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Waiting Game


A promenade, site-responsive performance for teenage audiences, inspired by the real-life experiences of London’s young asylum seekers presented at Oxford House and Weavers field in January 2014.


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Join us on a disorientating promenade performance that winds through the corridors, basements, and back alleys of an historic East End building. Explore a disconcerting world in limbo, half-rooted in memories of the past, but with an impending sense of danger. This is Sen’s world.

Sen is a 20 year old asylum seeker who faces being forced to return to her native war torn country.


Faced with a series of bizarre situations, the audience join Sen as she attempts to negotiate a confusing bureaucratic system. Endless queues, senseless rules and unexpected evictions – these experiences are sometimes comic, and sometimes menacing. Come and play Sen’s Waiting Game.


First presented in 2014 in and around the historic and beautiful Oxford House in London. The  script is now being used as inspiration for our 2015 project ReTold



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