Creative projects in hospital settings since 2011


Children in hospital can experience isolation, anxiety and trauma. We believe that creativity can help them during this difficult time in their lives and support them to feel better.

Our Apollo project takes place within hospitals and uses the arts to increase the wellbeing of children who are undergoing healthcare and mental health treatments on children’s wards. Our collaborative approach encourages learning, friendship and ownership for children during their hospital stay.

Reasons Why



1 in 4 children are admitted to hospital before the age of 14



Up to 80% of children admitted to hospital with chronic illness experience anxiety from hospitalisation alone



1 in 5 children are rejected mental health treatment

Participatory arts activities help to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.


We work with experienced and compassionate artists to create imaginative projects which transform healthcare settings into joyful and welcoming spaces. Our multidisciplinary background enables our artists to respond to young people with empathy and playfulness, encouraging the freedom of creative expression.

We collaborate with healthcare teams and hospital teaching services to provide a holistic approach to creativity which is accessible and inclusive of children’s needs. Our projects create a ripple of positivity throughout the lives of our participants, impacting the families, carers and friends of the children we meet.

It’s better doing arts and crafts than laying in bed… because you just don’t want to sleep all day, because you are supposed to sleep at night
— Apollo Participant, December 2016

Work with us

If you would like us to create a bespoke programme for your hospital setting, please get in touch:


This work has been generously funded by Children in Need and the National Lottery Awards for All.

We value Kazzum’s work very highly. Their therapeutic and creative interventions are essential in supporting young people through difficult times.  They are able to relax, to create, to chat, to explore and to express themselves which we believe, supports positive mental health
— Melanie Hall, Head of Service, Waltham Forest Hospital and Home School teaching service