Creativity with young migrants, refugees & asylum seekers


Kazzum are passionate about advocating for the rights of young migrants. Our Pathways programme, founded in 2002, engages young asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants in a range of workshops to support their creativity and wellbeing.

Young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are at a high risk of experiencing exclusion, isolation, prejudice and mental health issues.

Our Artists are experienced in providing accessible opportunities for our participants to express their personal agency and creativity.

Our practice focuses on the mental health needs of young people affected by displacement and trauma, providing opportunities to regulate stress, reduce isolation and develop skills.  We work with organisations big and small to amplify the voices of young people settling in the UK as well as meeting their social and emotional needs.

The workshops are very valuable, because you can gain confidence. It helps you find your way in a new country.
— Participant - Pathways

Reasons Why



In 2016, 11,872 children were seeking asylum in the UK


65.6 million

There are 65.6 million people worldwide fleeing conflict, violence or persecution



55% of refugees worldwide are coming from South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria

Participation in the arts can provide vital support to children and young people when they are vulnerable, isolated and at risk.


Pathways is dedicated to three strands of work, including creative wellbeing projects, training for young people studying ESOL and awareness raising workshops for schools.

  • Training: In partnership with John Ruskin College, Croydon, we work with ESOL students to develop transferable skills, social networks, confidence and wellbeing. Students receive accreditation through the AQA Unit Award Scheme and also participate in professional work experience.

  • Wellbeing: Working in partnership with Refugee community groups across London, young people are encouraged to share their experiences of living in the UK. Together we explore self-expression through games and discussion, develop friendships and English language skills and explore colour, shape, emotions, values and identity through visual arts. This work is shared with audiences through screenings, exhibitions and installations across the UK.

  • Education programme: Throughout Refugee Week we deliver creative writing workshops and assemblies which encourage students to reflect upon the experiences of young asylum seekers and refugees. This vital work highlights the positive contributions of migrant communities, building empathy and challenging negative stereotypes. This work takes place across London, Essex and Kent.


Kazzum also works in collaboration with Praxis Community Projects to facilitate ‘Brighter Futures’ - an active group of young migrants united by a passion and commitment to challenge negative perceptions of migration. To find out more about recent projects please visit

Kazzum are absolutely brilliant and they go well beyond their duty.
— Partner - Pathways
It’s been one of the best experiences of my life.
— Participant - Pathways

Work with us

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This work has been generously funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and London Catalyst.

We have for many years been aware of the excellent work that Kazzum does to empower young refugees through creative activities, and to raise awareness of refugee experiences among school students in the UK, both during and beyond Refugee Week.
— Emily Churchill Zaraa, Counterpoint Arts - Pathways