Our History

  • Birth of Kazzum

    Kazzum was created in 1989 with the revolutionary mission to produce high quality professional theatre for children and families. Our first director Peter Glanville created over 45 original theatre shows which toured all over the United Kingdom telling fresh, original stories about the worlds of young people.

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  • Playful theatre in unusual places

    After a move to East London, we were joined by Daryl Beeton as Artistic Director in 2006 and redefined ourselves as a company creating ‘playful theatre in unusual places’. During this time we toured a number of accessible performances, venturing outdoors to develop bold, interactive site specific performances and events for young audiences.

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  • Inclusive multidisciplinary arts

    Over the years Kazzum also became an innovative voice in inclusive, applied theatre and developed a number of projects which placed young people at the centre of our creative process. We began to deliver our ‘Pathways’ programme for young asylum seekers and refugees, using the creative arts to promote wellbeing and communication and gained an international reputation for using multidisciplinary arts within our work including music, dance, drama, film and visual art.

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  • National recognition and expansion

    Our current Artistic Director Alex Evans is now leading the company alongside Executive Director Lauren Irving with our programmes continuing to go from strength to strength, including Pathways, our Apollo project with young people in hospital settings and Build, our trauma-informed programme for young people with adverse childhood experiences. In 2018 we became a delivery partner for Speech Bubbles – a nationally recognized intervention supporting young people with Speech, Language and Communication needs through drama.

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As we look back on our history, we are filled with inspiration and gratitude to all the people (young and old) who played a part in our journey.  We are also filled with hope for a creative and collaborative future, in keeping with our rich and pioneering history!  

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